Models made of plasticine
Anonymous: my God you're beautiful 

thanks :3

Anonymous: heyy can you give me some advice? 


Anonymous: Favorite sex position? 

I like to do the mind your own business.

Anonymous: 44,62 

Do you tan in the nude? - I don’t tan. I’m allergic to the sun.

What do you wear to bed? - Bra and panties usually, or a shirt with no bra and panties.

Anonymous: You're lovely. 

How wonderful of you to say. :)

Anonymous: You are so fucking ugly. 

I guess I don’t see what you see then.

Anonymous: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaaha your face 

Gee thanks.

Anonymous: Kill yourself. 

But then I wouldn’t be able to eat pizza ever again.

Anonymous: this is the stupidest blog i've ever laid eyes on. well it's probably just because i don't like you. you arr just another dum bitch who's trying to be all that on a blog. it's so pathetic. seriously. why do you even exist? 

Before you go and call me dumb, please learn how to spell it.

Anonymous: How do you feel about abortion? 

I don’t believe in abortion.

Send me anons.

Anonymous: You are so pale. Ew. 

Anonymous: Don't listen to those anons. They're just jealous that you're actually really beautiful. Also, I love your eyebrows. You should be able to do whatever you want with your style without being judged for it, and I think it's really cool that you don't just the average girl look. You look exotic. You could be an amazing model if you tried to model. I can tell by looking at your photos. My uncle is a photographer, and he would die to photograph someone with your look. 

:) Thank you! This means a lot, really! You’re so sweet. Don’t worry, I’m not listening to the other anons. 

Anonymous: Dem russian eyebrows 

I’m not even Russian. I’m Canadian, you idiotic fuck.

Anonymous: don't take this the wrong way, but you would be even more gorgeous if you let your brows be a little more natural. if you must fill them in, use brown maybe? and a little thinner and farther apart would make it look so much more natural. xx 

I prefer black with my black hair rather than brown and I only fill in the beginning. I like it, that’s all that matters. Thanks anyways. :)

Anonymous: holy shit you're really scary looking 

You’re such a bullshitter. I am in no way scary looking lol